Saturday, December 18, 2010

More storm water pictures from Home

TH Burns Rd you cannot see the floodway its all under water

Water run off onto TH Burns Rd

Big Storm Today

We have been experiencing some very wet days lately and today we just had another huge storm which dumped 2 inches of rain in about half an hour. The rain has been hard and fast and we will be stuck at home until it dries out a bit, no point trying to drive out as we will get bogged. Here are some pictures.

Run off from our road coming down the gully behind our shed

More run off

The run offs merging on its way to our dam

Merging at the junction on its way to our dam
Our poor driveway

It looks like we could white river raft LOL

The Dam

Our dam wall couldn't cope with the deluge, we have lost 1/3 of the dam wall