Saturday, December 10, 2011

Green Frog

We had a huge downpour of rain and I emptied out the long skinny rain gauge we have, then came back a little while later and saw this little green frog inside the gauge and he is no bigger than my thumb.

Wet Peacock

The poor male peacock is so wet from rain, his tail must weigh a ton... not light as feathers LOL

Raining Today

We had 37 ml rain overnight which is fabulous. It really greens everything up.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Goanna Closeup Video

A more closer look at my resident goanna

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Peacock Video

If you have been a follower on my blog you would of seen various photos of my peacocks and their chicks posted over time.
It is currently mating season here now and the male peacock is in full bloom, so I took a short video to show him off. He's a real sweetheart, we have had him for 8 years, he has fathered many chicks and he doesn't mind me taking his photo LOL

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Goanna makes a visit

One of the various Australian wildlife creatures that visit us daily.
This goanna was looking for some scraps I threw out for it and the Magpie and Butcher birds were trying to scare it away LOL was very funny to watch

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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

New Arrival

Sorry I havent posted for a long time, but we have been real busy building, and then I broke my wrist which took me out of action for few months as I had to have an operation so they could put a metal plate and 9 screws into my arm bone... but

We had an arrival on the property.. our Damara Sheep (Marge) had a lamb and this photo was taken when it was only a few hours old