Tuesday, February 24, 2015

My NEW Adventure - Part 6

More sorting and moving items around the property was needed so I started on cleaning up behind the shed.. there were some steel shelves that have been there for 15 years with steel and wood on them and I dragged them all out to sort through.. the wood was riddled with termites so another fire was required.. kept the part eaten ones that had none left in it to use for firewood and burned the infested pieces and there was a lot of that... took me hours.

while that was burning away I went to this area to sort it out
 burning and stacking and everything done

Looks a bit more tidier doesnt it. A well earned hot shower and i had trouble getting the black spots off my arms and legs until I realised they were bruises !! not dirt. Should sleep well tonight.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

My NEW Adventure - Part 5

Well now the roof is up I had to organise underneath.. we had acquired a lot of plastic flooring from the local dump about 12 months previous and I used them to cover the area as much as possible. They dont look the best up close but they are functional and thats all I need. Also erecting some fencing to stop the peacocks from using the area as a thoroughfare was also needed.

Then with a few plants and some fencing repositioned it was all coming together.

Unfortunately the peacocks then thought it was an even better place to go visit.. arrghh so I made an adjustment and added a gate to the front as well.
Then as winter was approaching rapidly I thought a clean out of the firewood stack would be good.. so many termites amongst it all I had to get fresh supplies cut up with my trusty chainsaw

I soo love my wood fire in winter.. its lovely to just sit and watch the fire at night.. cuddled up with your loved one...
Next was the sorting of under the carport at front of storage shed.. soo much stuff we had accumulated for when we built our house

There was even a kitchen in there that we got 2nd hand.. but once I started moving things out I found the termites beat me to it.. so up in flames the kitchen went
I finally cleared it all out and then restacked the storage... I was exhausted.. was a huge day for me.

Hmmm now what shall I tackle tomorrow

My NEW Adventure - Part 4

Well for those of you who have visited us in the past would know of the building we built as an entertainment area when we had visitors.. there was a gap between that and the caravan as our initial plans were to eventually move the caravan and build our house in that spot and then join it to the room by way of a deck down the side. Garry had put up plastic to try and keep the weather off the area but this gap was hot in the summer and cold/wet in the winter so had to do something about it... my home wasnt going to be built now as we had planned.. those wonderful plans died with him... so I needed to put some sort of cover over that area.... Luckily I kept all the "good scrap" and had a lot of building materials that could be used. I pulled down the plastic sheeting and this is what I came up with...

so what do you think?  
The peacocks loved it.. in fact they loved it so much they decided to spend most of the day under there.. and that had to change !!

My NEW Adventure - Part 3

Next it was tackle the inside of the workshop.. well to a degree where I could walk around and find things

 not that I know one motorbike part from another.. but at least all my hose fittings etc are easily found

My NEW Adventure - Part 2

I had my lovely friend Roz come and visit over Easter and family came also to lend a hand for a day. It took a long time to clean up eventually but I took one day at a time.. the physcial work was the worse as I am not a strong woman in muscle sense and I suffer many bruises and gashes and even a broken toe.. after everyone was gone I just wished I had an extra 2 arms as 4 hands were needed for a lot of the jobs but I had to make do on my own... it got done (slowly) much to the detriment on my poor aching body LOL

Then slowly I had to sell some of the bigger items like the excavator and bobcat .. to help pay the bills that were mounting..


It all happened so fast.. diagnosis Cancer.. treatment NONE.. too far gone.. so 20 days later he left this world.. albeit pain free now.. what do I do now? I just lost the love of my life, my best friend, my soul mate. I was only 57.. expected to grow old with this special man.. life can be so cruel at times.. even when you have never done anything wrong.

So I threw myself into our property.. 1. because it needed a bit of a clean up from hoards of stash that had built up since 1999 when we bought the property.. and 2. because I needed the distraction.

First things first.. this had to be cleaned up

So 2 friends come and stay a week and they helped me sort through some of this stuff and put aside what needed to go to the scrap yard...  Then it was back to myself and after more sorting and 5 truck
 loads later.. 7 car bodies and scrap metal all gone to another home.