Wednesday, March 25, 2015

1 year ago today

Suddenly I was awake.. what woke me.. its still dark outside.. everything is quiet.. I laid there for a little while wondering why I cant go back to sleep... and then I looked at the the clock.. it was 4am.
4am 1 year ago today (25th March) was the last time we were able to look into each others eyes with meaning... you were unable to speak but I told you how much I love you and how much your family loves you and thanked you for your love, kindness and tenderness in the time we had together. It wasnt a long moment, but it was a moment, and you drifted off again. Then at 9.05am as I held your face in my hands you took your last breath.. escaping this world but hopefully hearing my words of love and comfort as you went. I wanted to be selfish and ask you to stay longer.... I didnt want you to go.. I didnt want to lose your love, your friendship, your strong arms around me, your beautiful smile and those smouldering eyes.. but you had been in great pain for too long and I had to be strong and let you go... finally pain free... So at 4am you woke me didnt you.. to let me know you are still here in spirit and remember our last times together.. thank you so much for giving me your love and being my best friend for almost 17 years. I still cannot believe its been a year already... it only seems like yesterday.. I will always love you xxxxxxx

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