Saturday, February 21, 2015

My NEW Adventure - Part 5

Well now the roof is up I had to organise underneath.. we had acquired a lot of plastic flooring from the local dump about 12 months previous and I used them to cover the area as much as possible. They dont look the best up close but they are functional and thats all I need. Also erecting some fencing to stop the peacocks from using the area as a thoroughfare was also needed.

Then with a few plants and some fencing repositioned it was all coming together.

Unfortunately the peacocks then thought it was an even better place to go visit.. arrghh so I made an adjustment and added a gate to the front as well.
Then as winter was approaching rapidly I thought a clean out of the firewood stack would be good.. so many termites amongst it all I had to get fresh supplies cut up with my trusty chainsaw

I soo love my wood fire in winter.. its lovely to just sit and watch the fire at night.. cuddled up with your loved one...
Next was the sorting of under the carport at front of storage shed.. soo much stuff we had accumulated for when we built our house

There was even a kitchen in there that we got 2nd hand.. but once I started moving things out I found the termites beat me to it.. so up in flames the kitchen went
I finally cleared it all out and then restacked the storage... I was exhausted.. was a huge day for me.

Hmmm now what shall I tackle tomorrow

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